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About Rolla Lions Club

Serving the Rolla, Missouri community since 1935

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Our History

Land for Rolla Lions Club Park was purchased from Aud and Laura McGuire on August 10, 1954. The original tract of land included 143 acres. The property consisted of 100 acres of cleared land and 43 acres in timber.

Lion E. W. “Skip” Carlton chaired the Procurement Committee and was the first Park Committee Chairman. Work began toward developing the park in April 1955 by clearing some trees and brush and construction of the first pavilion.

The Rolla Lions Club’s 20th Annual Carnival was moved from Buehler Park to the Rolla Lions Club Park in July 1955. The park was opened to the general public in August 1955 when construction of 6 picnic areas with tables and barbecue pits, slides, swings, and teeter-totters was completed. The first fishing derby was held June 29, 1957. Construction of pavilions and other improvements continued through the summer of 1958.

A community hall was completed in February 1960. Park improvements continued through the years with the enlargement of the lake, a handicapped fishing dock, additional pavilions and picnic areas, playground equipment, baseball fields, street paving and curbs, and flowering trees.

In 1994, an additional 40 acres were purchased for future expansion of the park.

Park Features

Rolla Lions Club Park has 7 outlying pavilions and 3 large pavilions in the main part of the park. Each pavilion has electricity and water. Small charcoal grills are available for the smaller outlying pavilions and large grills are available for larger gatherings. Since an average of about 400 pavilions are reserved each year, you are encouraged to make your reservations as early as possibly.

To reserve a pavilion for a family picnic or a company outing, call 573-364-4386 and leave a message.

The Rolla Lions Club Park has a major playground area and two smaller areas near outlying pavilions. Also available are two basketball and two volleyball courts with nets

The park has a small lake that is stocked two times each year with bass, catfish, and perch for the enjoyment of the youngest to the most skilled fisherman. An accessible dock is available for those who need a wheelchair accessible facility.

Two well maintained, fenced fields of little league dimensions are now available for boys and girls 12 years and younger. About 300 children, starting at age 6, on 24 teams, play baseball and softball on these fields each year. A larger field is available for children over 12 years of age and for adults. Play for adults is limited to softball. Two practice fields are also available. During the months of May through July, you are encouraged to make reservations for these fields, especially during the evenings of Monday through Friday, and during the weekends. During league play, priority will be given to youth teams.

There is a 4.5 mile mountain bike trail at the rear of the park.

Currently there are 4 major size fields that can easily be divided in half to accommodate the younger players. The Rolla Youth Soccer League is directly responsible for managing, maintaining, and scheduling all soccer games at the complex. For more information contact the Rolla Area Youth Soccer League.

The Rolla Lions Club has an 18 hole Disc golf course which is open to the public. Any other use of the course than by the general public must be approved by the Rolla Lions Club Board of Directors.

Additionally, fundraising events are prohibited in the Lions Club Park unless there is prior approval by the Rolla Lions Club Board and that approval is only considered when the person or group seeking approval comes before the board in person.

These are just some of the features of the park that your donations are used to help maintain such a vast area for your enjoyment.

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