Regional Fire Training Facility


On July 1, 1986, the Rolla Lions Club entered into a lease agreement with the City of Rolla to complete construction of a fire training facility. A multi-purpose training center which meets National Fire Protection Standards was constructed with the assistance of labor and money from the Rolla Lions Club.

At the present time, it includes a smoke-house (a house like structure which can be filled with smoke), and a tower to simulate high-rise buildings and within that tower a standpipe and sprinkler system was installed. The system includes fire department connections on the outside of the building standpipe connections on each floor, and the ability to use a variety of sprinkler heads. This permits students to become familiar with operating values for the sprinkler systems, hooking fire department connections on the outside of the building, identifying and replacing sprinkler heads and other fire sprinkler properties. The facility also includes a flammable liquid pit which simulates emergencies involving hazardous liquids, a drafting pit which is used to simulate drafting from a static water source, as well as performing mandated annual pumper service fire tests.

The facility is made available for use to all area fire departments.

Before the Rolla Lions Club Fire Training Facility was available these fire departments had no formal local training facility.

Future plans for the facility include a classroom area, a flammable liquid loading dock, liquid propane gas, and a bulk trailer mock-up area.

The Regional Fire Training Center is operated by the City of Rolla Fire and Rescue Department.

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